Nature's Solutions
are All Around Us

This year, the YDC offers better tools and resources to make it easier for educators to build creative and engaging learning experiences that strengthen critical thinking skills for their students. We’re providing a clear framework that meets science standards and enables students to solve real-world and local sustainability problems.

Registration for the 2019-2020 Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge is now open. Sign up now to gain exclusive access to the new YDC materials and give the next generation a unique opportunity to be inspired.

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About the Challenge

The Biomimicry Institute’s Youth Design Challenge (YDC) is a project-based learning experience that asks middle and high school students to design bio-inspired ideas that can provide solutions to the climate crisis. It provides a framework for formal and informal educators to introduce biomimicry as an engineering design strategy, to integrate relevant purposeful STEM experiences, and to provide engaging instruction aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


How it Works

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Coaches/teachers register for the Challenge (students cannot join independently) and may facilitate multiple teams.

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