Team Details
Award Status
2nd Place
Team Category
Middle School
Wilbur Wright Middle School
Munster, IN
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Coolest Building on the Block
Project Info
Team Members
Diana Knight, Clare Regan, Elliott McKeever, Mallory Dills, Vanya Christopher
Laura Norman
What is the problem your team addressed for this challenge and how is it related to climate change?
The problem that we are trying to combat is that cooling houses takes way too much energy and we use too many resources when cooling. Furthermore most homes are cooled by energy that is created by the burning of fossil fuels, which is a huge contributor to global warming. By finding a way to have air conditioning without using polluting fuels, it can have a good impact on the environment.
What does your design solution do? How does it solve or improve the problem you selected?
We will build a prototype house that uses little energy to cool a house. We will use a box to model a house and we will use tubing to pump water to the top of the house so that the water is cooled due to outside air. The water will then run back and cool the rooms inside. We will put a garden on the top of the house and the condensation will be used to water the outside plants and might need a few times to water by hand.
How was your solution inspired by nature? What organisms did you learn from and how did what you learned inform your design?
Our prototype is inspired by nature because a jackrabbit is letting heat out from its large ears. The design has tubing that resembles the ears. It takes in the heat from the inside and will cool off as it travels across the roof. The cool water will then circle will return inside, and the process will continue.