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Honorable mention
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Middle School
Wilbur Wright Middle School
Munster, IN
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Team AntHouse
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Ayush Arora, Austin Beetson, Thomas Ashcraft, Daniel Eriks, Gernie Galvan
Laura Norman
What is the problem your team addressed for this challenge and how is it related to climate change?
The problem our team addressed for the project is to help people in developing countries, such as using water barrels to get water and use reflective materials to help them use that instead of using fossil fuels for heating. This connects to climate change because if there is a decrease in using fossil fuels for cooling, so using the reflective materials instead of a cooling system, there are less fossil fuels burned for that purpose.
What does your design solution do? How does it solve or improve the problem you selected?
Our design solution reflects light from the house as well as puts it on legs so that the houses temperature doesnt rise very quickly in high temperatures without air conditioning. The solution improves the solution, because now houses can use less electricity, which can help them rely less on fossil fuels.
How was your solution inspired by nature? What organisms did you learn from and how did what you learned inform your design?
The inspiration for the design came from nature because it was from the Saharan Silver Ant. We used what we learned from the Saharan Silver Ant to design the legs of the house to keep it off of the hot ground, and the reflective materials on the roof was inspired by the Saharan silver ants silver hairs that can reflect infrared radiation.