Biomimicry Biographies

2022 Series

Billy Almon

The Astrobiofuturist, Billy Almon, is here to give future practitioners of biomimicry some sound advice. He kicks us off with the first of a 6-part series from the Institute’s Biomimicry Biographies as he explains in the video below how important it is for one to listen and to build relationships, because that is how we, the people of Earth, can begin to improve the planet.

Come learn about Billy’s path to biomimicry, from studying architecture to the influence his mother and grandmother had on his love for nature in the pdf below.

Fatma Kaplan

Dr. Fatma Kaplan gives her words of advice to the next generation of biomimics in the second installment of the Biomimicry Institute’s Biomimicry Biographies. She is the CEO and co-founder of Pheronym and her work using nematode pheromones could change the agriculture industry. 

Click the pdf for the complete biography on Dr. Kaplan, who is an expert in nematodes or more commonly known as worms

Gama Sibanda

Gama Sibanda shares an anecdote on how he first came to be a biomimicry professional. He recalls the first time that he started to view nature as more than just something that is around us and something the can be treated as a library or fountain of knowledge. 

To read more about Gama’s life as a biomimic and his work in the field as a scientist and engineer, click below.

Juan Rovalo

Juan Rovalo, ecologist and design specialist for Biohabitats, believes that communication is key in life. Listen to his advice below as he speaks with us about how he is hopeful for the future. 

To continue reading about Juan’s biomimicry journey, view his biomimicry biography below.

Sissi Liu

Metalmark Innovations, co-founded by CEO Sissi Liu, got its start by looking at butterfly wings for inspiration. Sissi shares that it is not necessary to stick to one idea and once concept, one thing can lead to another. The inspiration of one idea can lead to many different outcomes.

    Learn how Metalmark Innovations and Sissi are combating air pollution and about how her journey has led her to biomimicry in her biography below.

Diana Yousef

Diana Yousef always knew that she wanted to study science. Her upbringing and background has led her to become CEO of change:WATER Labs. Diana explains how important it is to convey your message in a way that gets people interested in it so that they care about what you are doing. 

Details of how she got to where she is now can be found in her biography below.