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The only way to ensure that innovators of tomorrow know how to ask nature for sustainable solutions is to teach them how today.

The purpose of the Biomimicry Institute is to promote collaboration and support a regenerative ecosystem by advancing nature-inspired design through education and application. 

Through the Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge, we are teaching kids how to use nature as a model, mentor, and measurement tool for sustainability, and to create similar solutions to solve human design challenges.

We are a non-profit, and only because of donor and grant support are we able to make this program completely free for all teachers and students that want to participate. 

You help us ensure that any student, anywhere, can be inspired by nature and learn how to be changemaker in the future. 

Donations help us:

  • Create and update the biomimicry curriculum that introduces students to nature-inspired design

  • Develop educational tools and resources to help educators bring biomimicry into the classroom

  • Provide professional development and training opportunities for teachers

Help us bring biomimicry into the classroom by making a gift to the Institute today.

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