Educator Resources

Welcome Coaches!

Below you will find everything you need to run a successful design challenge — from contest details to NGSS-aligned curriculum.

Download Program Handbook (PDF)

Please also make sure to read the Official Rules if you plan to submit student work for awards consideration.

Watch the introductory video!

Essential Resources 

All about the Challenge and what is required to enter the competition. 

The rubric used to evaluate competition entries and select award winners. 

A handout version of the YDC design brief. 

Detailed information and tips for preparing an entry to the competition.

A tool to help students evaluate their work. 

Additional Resources

Explore ideas for adapting the YDC for remote instruction. We offer online tools to consider for modifying the final design steps and submission requirements.

Here are some general tips and resources for making a great introduction for your students to biomimicry.

Review the YDC Design Brief to help students decide which SDG to focus on and consider what their solution must accomplish.

Training + Support

The Biomimicry Institute wants every team and coach to succeed. To support you in your biomimicry journey, we provide training and support opportunities to registered coaches.

View recordings from past training webinars offered to support educators in guiding their students through the Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge.

We offer support on implementation and other YDC-related needs. Contact us today to schedule your 10-minute consultation.

We also provide customized professional development workshops.

Please contact us if your school or organization would like to schedule a training.