Submission Guidelines

The following materials are required as part of an entry to the Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge.

Refer to the Challenge Rubric for the criteria against which projects will be evaluated. The Educator Resources also include a "Team Self Assessment" that students can use to evaluate their own work.

Note: All items, with the exception of the Project Portfolio, may be displayed publicly in a gallery of submissions if your team is selected as a winner or receives an honorable mention.

Project Overview

The Project Overview consists of three questions. Your team's answers to these questions will be the first thing judges will read about the project, so make sure they are complete and well-written.  Each response has a 100 word limit.

  • What is the problem your team solved for this challenge?
    • What is the problem addressed?
    • How is the problem connected to the selected SDG?
  • How was your solution inspired by nature?
    • What (at least two) organisms did you learn from?
    • How effectively did you combine the biological strategies for the final design?
  • What does your design solution do?
    • How does it solve or mitigate the problem you selected?
    • How did what you learn inform your design?

Two-Minute Video Pitch

The Video Pitch should provide an engaging overview of the design project and convince the judges that the idea has merit. Be sure the video includes an explanation of the specific climate-related problem the innovation solves, how it is inspired by nature, and conveys key discoveries or insights from the design process. This Video Pitch Tips resource provides additional suggestions and resources that can help you create a compelling video.

Video requirements:

  • Not to exceed 2 minutes in length.
  • Uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube and made available for public viewing. (You will enter the video link on the submission form.)
  • Include credits for all images, video clips, and music used that are not your own creation.

Project Portfolio

The Project Portfolio is a document or presentation that combines narrative and images to tell the story of your team’s biomimicry design and process for developing it. The portfolio should illustrate how your team approached selecting a specific climate-related problem, how you researched biological models, and how you developed the bio-inspired design solution, including testing ideas and getting feedback from others. This Project Portfolio document will help your students prepare an effective portfolio.

Portfolio requirements:

  • PDF file format.
  • No more than 10 pages.
  • Pages letter size (portrait), or Powerpoint slide size.
  • Include a title page/slide that includes your team's school or organization, grade level, and team members' names.
  • Include a reference page/slide for all sources, image credits, and experts consulted. (If image credits are provided within captions, there is no need to provide additional citations in the references list.)

Project Image

The project image is a drawing, diagram, or photograph that clearly portrays your team's design solution. This image will be the first visual representation judges encounter for the project, so make sure it is clear and compelling. 

Image requirements:

  • JPG file format.
  • No smaller than 1500px by 1000px.
  • Include an image caption (entered separately in the submission form; do not put this on the image itself).

Team Photo

An image depicting all team members and (optionally) their coach(es). If you are unable to take a photo together due to social distancing requirements, a collaged image is acceptable.

Image requirements:

  • JPG file format
  • No smaller than 750px by 500px